About Jimmie Stone Photography


My name is Jimmie Stone and my mission to share my knowledge of photography with you, especially if you are new to photography. I have years of experience and I provide an easy learning format that will help you learn in steps, starting with the basics.

Besides the basics of using your camera and applying these principles in your photography, I offer guides on various techniques in photography like;

  • Landscapes, Nature, and Bird Photography.
  • Shooting Sunrises, Sunsets and Night Photography
  • Using Fast Shutter Speeds to Capture Water Drops
  • Special Skills Like Photo Stacking, Long Exposure, Using Filters

My Bio:

While I grew up in the Midwest and enjoyed photography from a young age, I developed my passion during a 28-year military career. During that time I learned to shoot manual and developed different photography skills until I retired in 2006. Since my military retirement, I’ve had a great deal of more time to pursue my love of photography. I share that knowledge through lectures and one on one with many budding photographers that want to learn new shooting techniques. Having written many lesson guides and having taught numerous subjects in my military career has helped me with my teaching style.

Currently, I live on a barrier island in Northeast Florida with my lovely wife, Patti, and our Chihuahua wonder dog, Fuji.


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