One on One Photography Instruction

Do you want to get the most out of that digital camera you purchased or dust off the one you are not using because it was too complicated? Would you like to learn how to shoot landscapes, nature, portraits and action shots as well as master your camera? If so, I am available for one on one help in your quest to learn about your camera and photography!

3 Days of Personalized Instruction!

This is a THREE DAY course of instruction that includes various topics and fieldwork with my personal direction to help you get that image you want!

For those THREE DAYS, I am at your personal disposal in person, phone, e-mail or text. Each day will consist of at least 4 hours of instruction, or until you feel comfortable with the topics and skills covered. I go at your pace, nothing is rushed.

To help with your learning experience you will receive a notebook with detailed topics covering what you will learn. You will also receive my “Bird Photography Essentials” as a PDF file. All FREE.

You Will Learn:

  • About your camera model, it’s format, functions in addition to what to look for in new cameras
  • Lenses, the type and use of a variety of lens as well as their functions like Image Stabilization, Auto and Manual Focus.
  • RAW vs. JPG formats
  • The concepts of exposure and how it is achieved
  • Aperture, Shutter and Manual Modes to achieve creative more professional photographs
  • Working in low light or varied light situations
  • Using the camera metering system
  • The focus system of your camera and how to maximize it for the sharpness of your subject
  • Using Exposure Compensation, Bracketing, and other advanced features
  • Landscapes, Nature, Sports, and Portrait Photography
  • Basics of Speedlights and how to use them
  • Reviewing your photographs and making adjustments from the histogram and highlight warnings
  • Back button focusing as a better option for nature or sports photograph

Field Work

Fieldwork will be daily as you apply the principles you have learned!

I Will Beat Local or Online Cost for the Time and Content You Will Recieve!

The cost of the 3-day course is 250.00 per person and is quite low compared to others who offer photography instruction. Not just 30 minutes per online course or pay by the hour which can add up quickly and still may leave you with more questions.

My course is designed to maximally increase your understanding of photography you will not find in any other course!


Jimmie is not only an incredible photographer but his ability to teach others using step by step methods makes the impossible totally possible. I’ve been trying the first couple of lessons and can’t believe how much better my photos look! Better color, better contrast and learning to convert to black and white without losing the contrast and reality of the photo. Thank you so much! Kim R.

Jimmie is an amazing photographer! I usually know his work at first glance! His style is unique! He has the ability to capture and convey those beautiful images like no one else! He is patient and has a true artistic eye for all of the wonder of Amelia Island! Lisa K.

A big thank you to you Jimmie Stone for helping me with my challenge of photographing birds today!! I appreciate all your mentoring and your gentle teaching style. Can’t wait till we go out again!!! Allison H.

To Book Your Course!

Contact me at [email protected] and give me some dates you would like to schedule or use the calendar below to select from the available dates. I will consider different dates if you cannot be there for 3 consecutive days.

Include in your e-mail any specific needs, goals and what gear you will be shooting with. The latter is important so I can review all of the information for your specific camera and lens or lenses.

Maximum of two people/couples per course so I can focus my time on you!

All instruction is done on beautiful Amelia Island, Florida a barrier island just north of Jacksonville.

Book Now!

Purchase When Dates Confirmed!

Feel Free to Contact Me!

e-mail: j[email protected]
Cellular: 904-556-2945
Location Fernandina Beach, Florida

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