Do you want to be able to learn how to shoot manual and also want to understand what the buttons on your DSLR do? I can help you with this! Select from the main menu:

Beginning Photography: Post that will help you understand your camera, lenses, exposure, etc. The purpose is to build a core fund of knowledge that will enable you to shoot full manual-where the creativity really starts.

Photography Techniques: Generally more advanced topics such as long exposures, HDR, night scenes, portraits and more.



Unleash Your Passion and Be Creative!

Using the knowledge you have learned opens you up to be more creative with your camera. Shoot awesome landscapes, wildlife, portraits. Your friends and colleagues will marvel at your images. Remember your first 1,000 photographs are the worst.

Keep a photography journal or library to see some of your older photographs and compare them to newer photographs as you apply skills learned here.

Find your niche, and create photographs that provide a connection to people or evoke emotion or understanding. Present photographs that will help people appreciate the beauty of nature and the world.

The possibilities with your photography are endless! Most of all, enjoy it!


Photography can make what we see every day less ordinary, more beautiful and new. It captures a moment in time never to be recreated. -Jimmie Stone Photography_

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