NCCOA Photography Course

Welcome to your page for the photography course you enrolled in through the Nassau County Council on Aging! My aim is to help you develop your skills to be a better photographer through classroom instruction, demonstration, and assignments. Each lesson is carefully planned to lead to the next step as you advance in your knowledge.


The goal of this course is to enable you to shoot in any of the program modes, including Manual. Manual Mode is often seen as too complicated, too intimidating or too hard to learn. I assure you after this course it won’t be. In-fact you will learn a great deal and enjoy applying what you learned to your photography. You can master your DSLR camera!

Your Page Content

The content I add to this page will be all of the classes presented in the form of a slide review just as you saw it in class. These are for a quick review of what you learned or to catch up if you missed a class. They don’t substitute for the classroom but can be helpful. I may add other content like tables, articles or quick setting guides that you can download.


There is a comment section below each article, post or slideshow. I encourage to use this. I think input from you helps future classes if you see room for improvement. The comment section can be used to start a dialogue others might find useful.

Contact Me

If you prefer, you can e-mail me or use my contact form to address any questions you may have. Don’t be shy to use this, as it enhances your learning experience, especially if something wasn’t clear.


After most classes, there may be an in a class demonstration in a workshop form. I urge you to bring your camera and manual if you have it. Make sure the battery is charged and a lens is attached.

Occasional these assignments will include home photography to practice the skill you just learned, e.g. shooting in aperture mode. I encourage you to share your best shots and you can either e-mail it to me or bring it on an SD card or thumb drive. I think this helps with getting good feedback in class. Besides, you get to show off your work!


It’s not required, however, any added material will be delivered directly to your Inbox, for example, the previous class slides, or a camera setting guide. You can always opt-out of the subscription at any time, just keep one of the e-mails you received and click at the bottom to update preferences.

For those in the class that are already subscribers, you should have received an e-mail with an offer to download my e-book “Bird Photography Essentials” for free. It may seem complicated for now, but as we progress in class it will all make sense. This makes a great reference if you intend to visit the greenway or shoot wildlife elsewhere.

Thanks for signing up for the class and as always I look forward to seeing and hearing from you.


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