About Nassau County Council on Aging, Fernandina Beach

This is a very worthy cause that I have supported through my time and photography. As a retired Physician Assistant I see the real value they bring to their clients happiness and wellness…every time I’m there.

The Nassau Council on Aging (NCCOA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. What they do daily is exceptional in every way, from the support staff, facilities and of course their primary mission to be an advocate for those 60 and older.

In addition to their work for our Community and Senior Citizens, they host an enormous variety of classes that are open to the general public. These are presented by technical experts, authors, craftsmen, hobbyist and assorted lecturers with a large variety of interesting topics. For more information see below:

Classes Open to the Public

The NCCOA also offers a huge, variety of classroom course held at their facility at the Fernandina Beach Facility located at 1901 Island Walkway, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034.

Some of the topics with over 100 classes offered are:

  • Aviation and Space
  • History and Culture (Cuba, State of the State Department and Diplomacy)
  • Community Conversations (Honoring Choices, Suicide in Special Populations)
  • Financial
  • Literature and Author Spotlight
  • Multi-Generational Classes (Beading Memories, Chess, Print Making)
  • The Great Courses (Investigating American Presidents)
  • Photography
  • Science and Technology
  • Wellness
  • Hobbies and Special Interest
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Computers and Technology
  • Cooking, Gardening, and Nutrition
  • Dance
  • Fitness
  • Games and Cards
  • Music

How to Enroll for Classes

If you are a dedicated lifelong learner who is taking advantage of the ever-expanding educational opportunities offered at NCCOA’s Fernandina Beach Life Center, you can now view course offerings (for adults of ALL ages), book/cancel classes and manage your account via the web at https://myactivecenter.com

Class enrollment info:

  • Members: Enroll with the number on the back of your card (starts with an X)
  • Non-members who have attended a class (you are already in our database): Use your 10-digit phone number without hyphens
  • If you have never attended a class: Send your First/ Last Name – 10-digit Phone Number – Email Address – Mailing Address – Date of Birth with Year (used for grant purposes only) to [email protected]. Your information will be included in the database and you will receive an enrollment confirmation email; then, you will have access to book and cancel classes

Important Reminders

  • Arrive 10 minutes early for check-in
  • Keep in mind that parking may be limited due to other classes and activities
  • Remember to cancel if you’re unable to attend so others may participate

If you have any questions, contact Melody Dawkins at [email protected]g or call 904-261-0701. Access Course Information Via the Web M

Please take time to donate to the NCCOA so they can continue their work for our Community and Seniors.

Please share this page on Facebook and other Social Media Sites so others are aware of the fine work the NCCOA does. Someone may find this useful for a loved one.

About Nassau County Council on Aging, Fernandina Beach


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