FREE Image Editor! PhotoLemur 3

Note: This software program is more suited for those that don’t have or don’t want to take the time to learn more robust editors like Adobe Lightroom or Capture One. If you are just learning photography this would be a good option until you learn more about post-processing.

I received an offer for this software in my e-mail from Shutter Pulse and I had been thinking about it the past couple of days. Free image editor? Today I decided to check it out to see if it was for real.

It’s Real….!

Below is the text of the e-mail I received from Shutter Pulse. I simply clicked on the “Get it for Free” and was taken to their page where it asked for my name and e-mail. Within two minutes I had a License code in my Inbox! Meanwhile, in my browser the software was still downloading 344 MB’s.

“Get an award-winning photo editor for free.
Limited time offer!

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Photolemur makes your photos magnificent by automatically making complex adjustments. 
Get it for Free The fast and effortless way to create remarkable photos Use the cutting-edge technology in Photolemur to remove imperfections,
improve colors, and apply styles in a click. Plus, you can enhance multiple
images at once by simply dropping them into the app. Get your fully
licensed copy for free:
 Get it for Free 


The install was pretty straightforward and took less than 3 minutes on my Windows PC. After installation to make mine a legal copy I just plugged in the e-mail I used to sign up on their site and used the License Key that was sent to that e-mail address.


Without a doubt, this is the easiest image editor I have used. I just played around with it the first 15 minutes and was able to create my first image, and I think it turned out pretty well using the AI algorithms.

Original RAW file no edits
After opening and exporting in PhotoLemur 3

As you can see there quite an improvement from the original RAW file (yes you can use TIFF or JPG files as well). I made zero changes from what the AI software did, taking me about 2 minutes. On loading the image the software looks for skies, color, and exposure. On saving it adds contrast and noise reduction.


If you are in the market for a simple image editor with built-in Artificial Intelligence, you can’t beat this free software from Skylum.

FREE Image Editor! PhotoLemur 3


Welcome! My interest in photography spans 40 years and started with the purchase of my first SLR. Since then my passion has grown to landscapes, beach scenes, and travel photography primarily. Photography techniques I particularly enjoy are long exposures, and what I call splash art. You can see these on my gallery page if it interests you. Currently, I live on Amelia Island in Northeast Florida with my beautiful wife and our wonder dog, Fuji.

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