HDR Photography Classes with NCCOA

Due to some interest, I have worked with the Nassau Council on Aging to organize a 3-day course for High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography. Most of us have seen an HDR image that has exceptional details and has a much broader range of lights and shadows you normally see in photography.

Join me for this 3-day class!  ONLY 10 SEATS AVAILABLE! Click the email link for Melody Dawkins below to reserve your seat.

HDR (High Dynamic Range Photography) Course

**(I will stay longer for individuals after class that need help)


Day 1:    INTRODUCTION TO HDR PHOTOGRAPHY given on 15 October, 2019  2-3 PM


In this class I will discuss how to create the images for your HDR photograph using the bracketing mode on your camera. This is an essential part of the process in order to capture a more full dynamic range and a dazzling photograph. I will also introduce you to several software programs to do this, both free and purchase, with my recommendations. Bring your camera is strongly recommended.


Day 2.    USING BRACKETED IMAGES IN YOUR HDR SOFTWARE  given on 16 October, 2019, 2-3 PM


If you had time to take bracketed shots, bring them and I will review them with you. We will review any difficulties getting bracketed shots. In the computer room, I will have bracketed images for you to import into the software program. This will be the best way to see the same shots processed differently; from the high contrast, detailed, to balanced light images. Find the style of HDR that you like and tweak it as your own. 


Day 3:     WORKSHOP IN THE COMPUTER ROOM given on 17 October, 2019, 2-4 PM

This will be held in the computer room and pre-loaded with HDR software for you to work on. There will be only 10 computers, but if you own a laptop with your HDR software installed you may bring it. My intention is to help you individually with your work with the shots you took. This is scheduled for 2 hours but you may leave at anytime.

The software we will likely be using is the FREE software available to download , or you may use a HDR editor you already have. I will be available for question’s and 1:1 help while you create your spectacular image.may 

Send an email to Melody Dawkins to Enroll.

IMPORTANT!: Include your name and telephone number to confirm your seat.

use if the above link fails: [email protected]

HDR Photography Classes with NCCOA


Welcome! My interest in photography spans 40 years and started with the purchase of my first SLR. Since then my passion has grown to landscapes, beach scenes, and travel photography primarily. Photography techniques I particularly enjoy are long exposures, and what I call splash art. You can see these on my gallery page if it interests you. Currently, I live on Amelia Island in Northeast Florida with my beautiful wife and our wonder dog, Fuji.

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